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I'm half Jill and half Jack

The child is mother to the man

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Name:ネオ (Néo)
Birthdate:Mar 22
Website:ふたなり村 (NSFW)
Somewhere in a Japan, somewhere in the multiverse, there is a quiet village where futanari— hermaphrodites — can be themselves. Néo was born in this village, the second child of father Lolo and mother Mûmû. This is the story of what happened to hir and hir best friend Pippi, how it brought them closer than they'd ever been and what happened to them after that.

[For an official summary and some unofficial ones, see this NSFW post. For Néo's and Pippi's height and three sizes, see this one.]

Common accessories (like most of hir village's inhabitants, shi doesn't generally do "clothing" as such):
* school: red bowtie, navy knee socks, black penny loafers
* sport: white indoor shoes

[Disclaimer: Néo is from ふたなり村 (Androgynous Village), and is the property of SOD Create. Shi appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]dear_mun and other Livejournal comms, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Some concepts have been borrowed from Aristasia by the player, [personal profile] aberrantangels, an unholy blend of brunette and mascul traits.]

Interests (6):

futanari, intemorphism, intemorphs, naturism, nudism, ふたなり
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