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OOC: Short summaries (NSFW)

For the benefit of those who aren't clear what's going on with this pup, several explanations, most unsafe for work in varying degrees.

Official summary (via Amazon Japan): "チ○ポとマ○コをもった両性具有だけのセカイ、ふたなり村。ある日両親のSEXを目の当たりにしたネオは、自らのチン○ンとオマ○コ、その両方で快感を覚えるようになる。性の衝動を抑えきれないネオは、次第にピッピに恋心を馳せていく・・・。チ○ポとマ○コ、ふたつの性器で求める快楽は、とどまることなく全身を駆け巡る。圧倒的なリアルチ○ポと総キャスト25名で贈る「ふたなり」の最高傑作、ココに誕生。"

[Google Translate: "Only with the androgynous world of co○k and p○ssy, hermaphrodite village. Neo SEX parents witnessed the day, his co○k and p○ssy would feel good to both. Neo uncontrollable sexual impulses, we love to prominence gradually Pippi. Co○k and p○ssy, pleasure is obtained by two regular, course through your body without bounds. Send name and cast real co○k overwhelming layer 25 'hermaphrodite' masterpiece is born here."]

Summary from the Zenra Movie Annex: "Imagine a secluded Japanese town where not only do all of its citizens walk around naked all day, but also have both female and male sexual organs to boot! Welcome to Futanari Village where some of manga's most bizarre fantasy's [sic] have come to life." (Néo doesn't like that last sentence; hir canon may be a porno, but shi hirself was and remains relatively innocent.)

Summary from fapzap.com (all typos, and references to characters as female, in the original): "Villiage consisting of nude futanari. Explanation of how futas eventually develop either more male or more female characteristics. Girl spys her parents have sex. Girl in gym class. Girl spys two classmates having sex. Gym teacher partially succesful on forcing herself on girl. While talking with her friend, classmates conftont the girl. Classmates leave to have foursome. Girl and friend have twosome. Happy ending."

Added September 2, brief insightful summary from torrentoff.com and its international mirrors: "Sod story of an entire village of futa girls who live at a school that is naked. They separate themselves as girl futa and boy futa and have respective bathrooms. Pretty cute but nothing very hot. And since this is from Soft-on-Demand it is censored."

That ought to do for now.