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OOC: Canon summary (NSFW)

The last of these summaries of Néo's canon (NSFW, as is the canon itself) has the most room for expansion, so I'm making each of its sentences the headline of a paragraph summarizing those scenes. If there turns out to be enough interest, I may expand them still further, in the style of Something Awful's "Horrors of Porn" section.

Village consisting of nude futanari.
Runtime: About four minutes

Act One, "Futanari Mura no Nichijô" (Everyday of Hermaphrodite Village), begins by introducing us to Lolo, Mûmû and their three children -- Mekemeke, Néo and Chiichi. It establishes that all five are naked (or mostly naked anyway) before revealing them as futas. Two police officers give a visiting tourist directions to the Yamamoto residence as part of a larger street scene (a lot like this one), revealing that nudism and hermaphrodism are the order of the day here. Then we get glimpses of the males' showers and females' baths.

Explanation of how futas eventually develop either more male or more female characteristics.
Runtime: About two minutes

I didn't follow the spoken portion, but the accompanying text gave me a general idea. Children are born chûsei — intersexed (or, as I sometimes translate it, "premale") — and as adults, they become osu (male) or mesu (female). The differentiation happens most obviously in the external genitalia — a male's penis and testicles become larger, while a female's penis atrophies and her testicles retract. We also get our first glimpse of Pippi, via a still of hir and Néo walking Chiichi to school.

Girl spies hir parents having sex.
Runtime: About eleven-and-a-half minutes

Néo is awakened in the night, under the blanket shi shares with hir sisters, by noises from the other side of the shoji screen. Lolo and Mûmû are moving under their own blanket; ultimately, they throw it off so he can stand up and she can give him an extended blowjob. (I'm pretty sure she was returning favors rendered to her under the blanket.) Once they're both pretty much gagging for it, she lies down and lets him stick it in. They play with each other's tits. Presently, she takes control, pushes him onto his back and rides him like a champ. Néo watches the whole proceedings, with one hand stroking hir penis; once it's over and they get back under the covers, shi does the same.

Girl in gym class.
Runtime: About seven minutes

The next morning, Pippi helps Néo walk Chiichi to school. Chiichi has an ampan or some other sort of jam-filled bread, of which shi offers half to Pippi. After some conversation I didn't follow, Pippi stuffs hir half of the ampan into Néo's mouth, and shi and Chiichi run off. The PE teacher (referred to only as Sensei, which I'll be contextually translating "Coach") delivers some sort of lecture, which I think is about human development and adult gender, to the entire class; he calls on Néo, who stumbles and mumbles through the start of an answer which Pippi finishes, to the general amusement of the class. Then comes the actual PE portion of the class; Pippi and another student, Popo (who has tailbone-length black hair), clear the pommel horse easily, but Néo more sort of doesn't. They move on to somersaults; Pippi turns a perfect one, while Néo gets stuck trying to get hir torso over hir head. Coach hands his whistle, clipboard and bokken to another student, who supervises the rest of the class in playing a dodgeball/keepaway type game while he helps Néo get turned upside down. Only Pippi happens to look away in time to realize that Coach has a magnificent view of Néo's undercarriage.

Girl spies two classmates having sex.
Runtime: About eighteen minutes

Act two, "Hôkago no Sôko de..." (After School in the Storeroom), begins with the school bell ringing and Néo ducking into the little herms' room, where somebody with a whistle around their neck drops a letter into the stall, calling for a meeting behind the gym and hinting that "Your secret is out." When Néo gets there, shi hears noises from the storeroom and looks in the window to see another girl, Aruru, orally gratifying Popo. Néo grabs hir own dick and starts pumping. After a few minutes, Aruru stands up to reveal hir truly impressive cock, and Popo gets down on hir knees and starts sucking. This leads to a 69 between them. Néo is so distracted by the sexy that shi apparently knocks something over, which alerts the lovers to hir presence; shi probably could've escaped from them if shi'd let go of hir penis. Aruru and Popo push Néo up against a wall and are leering at hir, apparently asking what they should do with or to this little spying mouse, when Pippi shows up and rescues hir. Néo and Pippi get ice creams and talk about various subjects, possibly including what Néo just saw; Pippi shoves hir popsicle into Néo's mouth and leaves. Within moments of hir departure, Coach pops up behind Néo and drags hir back into the storeroom.

Gym teacher partially successful on forcing himself on girl.
Runtime: About Eighteen-and-a-half heinous minutes

I would say it only counts as "partially successful" if your definition of success in such acts requires insertion of the penis into a pelvic orifice. Coach does finally attempt to pin Néo down and fuck hir, only to have hir break free and run for it, but that's how long it takes for his efforts to meet with a real failure. Given how much else he does to hir -- performing several hour-long minutes of uncensored analingus on hir, digital penetration of hir vagina combined with fellating hir, making Néo suck his cock in turn -- before shi escapes, I have to consider it successful rape by any other definition.

While shi's talking with hir friend, classmates confront the girl.
Runtime: About four-and-a-half minutes

Néo and Pippi are standing on some sort of porch by night, wearing sandals and carrying paper fans and brightly colored handbags. They start talking, and Néo says something about Pippi's penis, which is the first they've realized they have feelings for each other that go beyond friendship (visibly beyond, in the case of Pippi's now-erect prick). Before they can do anything about this, Popo and Aruru show up, accompanied by two other students, Chacha and Peko; this girl posse loom over the duo. Pippi stands up to them; Popo shoves hir back into hir seat. Néo jumps up, gets right up in Popo's grill, and utters some softly spoken but nonetheless effective threat; exit the girl posse. Néo and Pippi promptly dissolve into giggles and poking each other.

Classmates leave to have foursome.
Runtime: About fourteen minutes

The entire third act, "Onna Furo Ranko" (Women's Baths Orgy), is taken up by this one sequence. I'm not going to do a blow-by-blow, as it were, because I suspect it would swiftly devolve into IKEA erotica. Highlights include the four girls sucking each other's dicks in a daisy chain and the actual fucking, in which everyone gets at least one other person's penis put in hir and only Popo doesn't stick hirs into anyone.

Girl and friend have twosome.
Runtime: About thirty-three-and-a-half minutes including foreplay and afterplay

This, in turn, covers nearly all of act four, "Futanari no shôtaiken" (Hermaphrodite's first body examination). It starts with Néo and Pippi talking in somebody's bedroom, then progresses to them masturbating together, which segues via a kiss into them jacking each other off. Then comes the sex, which they handle a lot like hamlets, taking it in turns to penetrate each other. Pippi pulls out of a standing dorsal mount at the last minute and wanks to climax onto Néo's right butt cheek. Néo is not so self-controlled and deposits hir people-pollen into Pippi.

Happy ending.
Runtime: About three minutes

"Half a year later" (per the initial caption), Pippi is pregnant (represented by a lump under an apron), and Néo has apparently had to get a proper job, or something which leaves hir coming home with a dirty face. Shi takes a moment to feel the baby kick. Somebody mentions sex, and Chiichi asks what that is. This prompts Mekemeke to start dry-humping Mûmû (or maybe just plain humping her; the camera angles are such that I couldn't tell). After a little more explanation from the proud parents-to-be, Chiichi gets behind Mekemeke and starts dry-humping hir. Lolo moves to the end of the line and starts grinding; Néo and Pippi get goofy grins; roll credits.

So, in conclusion, ふたなり村. Hermaphrodite Village. Absent a lot better knowledge of Japanese, that's all I can tell you.

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